A complete guide to current model smart convertible cars and SUVs offering the best in today's top-down choices for open-air driving fun.


Current Model smart Convertibles

Convertible cars provide the ultimate driving experience. Cruising alongside the ocean, driving through a tropical forest, even crossing a desert, convertibles allow you to enjoy all your senses. Whether you choose to call yours a roadster, cabriolet, ragtop, spyder, droptop, volante or simply a convertible, own one and you'll never go back.

Here is a list of convertibles with your requested features: Manufacturer: smart; Production Status: Current Models; use the selections at the left to change the convertible cars displayed.

Year (Status) Manufacturer Model Top Style Price
2018 (Current Model) smart fortwo electric drive cabrio Softtop $28,100

smart fortwo electric drive cabrio

The 2018 smart fortwo electric drive cabrio is a softtop roadster, a convertible with 2 passenger doors and seating a maximum of 2 people, with a price starting at $28,100. Running on Electricity, the fortwo electric drive cabrio gets 112 MPG City, 91 Highway MPG, for a combined 102 MPG.

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