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New convertible cars for sale today offer a variety of options in convertible tops. Like most people, you are probably used to seeing soft top convertibles, but look closely - hard-top convertibles are making their way back after years of being absent from the automotive scene. Deciding if a hardtop or softtop convertible is best for you often depends on how often you plan to keep that top down and why you'll have it up!

Most convertibles only seat four passengers; however, options for 5-seat convertibles can be found, if you consider a convertible SUV. These vehicles might just be the best in fun for the family that wants to drive a convertible, but can't squeeze into four seats.


A folding fabric or vinyl top keeps out the weather in these original convertible cars.


Most hardtop cars feature a folding retractable hardtop that stows neatly in the trunk.


A one- or two-piece roof panel removes and is usually stored in the trunk.


A roadster features two-doors and two-seats with limited trunk space for just the essentials..

Defining Convertible Car

Currently convertible car has a loose definition that can include everything from a rugged Jeep with a removable canvas top to the latest in convertible car technology, a retractable hardtop that folds up into the trunk.

Cars with soft convertible tops are referred to by a variety of names new and old, typically based on body style of the vehicle. For example, convertibles are often tagged cabriolet or cabrio to identify the softtop version of a specific vehicle model. In contrast, a targa top simply has a removeable roof panel to let the sky in. Meanwhile, if a convertible car has just two doors and two seats, it is often called a roadster.

Hard-top convertible cars may be difficult to distinguish from their non-droptop counterparts on the road, but drivers immediately recognize the difference top-up. Less wind and road noise, quieter in the rain and better security often top the list. If you're searching for a hard-top convertible, you may see terms including retractable hardtop, coupe convertible or coupe cabriolet. Similar to the soft top, a 2-seat hardtop convertible sports car will usually be referred to as a roadster coupe.

Whether you choose to call yours a roadster, cabriolet, ragtop, spyder or spider, targa-top, droptop or drophead, volante or simply a convertible, own one and you'll never go back to a closed-cabin car!

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